A 1 hour personal coaching session with Lauren McLaughlin, by phone or online.

From time to time, everyone carries something around that feels heavy on their mind. Perhaps you are struggling with a financial decision, one regarding your health or the health of a loved one, a snag in a relationship or a career challenge and the details just keep going around and around in your thoughts – leading you exactly nowhere.

The best solution often is to talk the matter over with someone – a disinterested party (not uninterested) – who can guide you in listening to your own thoughts candidly until you are able to reach an acceptable conclusion.

Lauren McLaughlin offers emotional support coaching that provides a safe space for you to speak your truth on all sides of the matter, to name your fears and your deepest desires – to air any hurt feelings you may have – and to guide you toward your desired goal.

The process of sharing “What’s On Your Mind” is up to one hour long. Additional sessions may be booked if other challenges come to light in the process.

Coaching can be done in person but can also be done effectively via the INTERNET using the teaching vehicle called Zoom. (Instructions for using Zoom will be provided)

Instructions to Buy: Purchase your session, then fill out our contact form here and Lauren will respond to you via e-mail to set up an appointment for your hour-long Coaching Session called “What’s On Your Mind”.

  • Sandy

    Lauren and I have had many sessions discussing what’s on my mind and she helped me shift my thoughts from fear to hope. Every session enlightened me and created little miracles in my life, giving me hope and happiness again! Thank you Lauren!! SC-St. Petersburg, FL

  • Joanne

    Little did I know back in spring of 2000 how important Lauren McLaughlin would be to supporting me during extreme personal struggles – ‘cause it hadn’t happened yet. Then came the crash of my life as I once knew it. Career, finances, family relationships and health all came down around me. I went into a depression that I thought I would never recover from. It caused even more serious health problems. Counseling with Lauren began to turn my life around. She is one of those few people that is really listening. I began to restore my self-worth. And at each session she began to point me toward possibilities and when there are possibilities solutions soon follow. How many people do you know that walk their talk? You should meet Lauren McLaughlin. JR-St. Petersburg, FL

  • Kay

    Through the years, I have encountered many counselors and coaches, each with a different approach to “solving the problem”. Many used tried and true linear approaches, some used mirroring and reflection, and still others used conversational and direct suggestion approaches. In her work with clients, Lauren McLaughlin uses her years of experience and expertise to directly face resistance and stumbling blocks that stand in the way of resolution. She may utilize some of each of the approaches above but, primarily, she uses her own intuition to guide her. She has, over the years. developed an amazing ability to listen and to help the client focus in directly on the issue at hand. Through her listening skills and direct action approach, unseen components are brought to the surface and resolved. Her skills at “tuning in” are remarkable and well established. She has been most helpful to me through many personal challenges, always headed for the goal of a solution based on solid reasoning. Her compassionate concern is evident throughout all encounters. KW- Holiday, FL

  • Debbie

    I have had several sessions with Lauren McLaughlin regarding situations I was facing and felt great turmoil, with no resolution that I could see! I relayed my dilemma and Lauren listened and asked questions about some things I said. Gently, without any judgement, she helped me see that there were options I could take! As I replayed conversations I had with her, I was relieved, and a great weight was lifted from me. She has a talent for letting you see that “your choices” can make a difference in the situation. She led me to realize that I am “in control” of my feelings and decisions, no-one else. I am very grateful Lauren’s very different and understanding coaching support. DM-Ashville, NC

  • Rosemary

    “Thank you, Lauren, for the many times you helped me rescue me from myself. When I called you in “crisis”, you were open to hear my story and offer me possibilities for resolution – maybe an affirmation, a book reference, a quote, or offering another perspective which usually encouraged me to go within and find options. Your kind and loving approach sprinkled with a bit of humor, and a wealth of wisdom made our sessions fun and most helpful. You are a master at helping others use the spiritual to make life so much easier. I am forever grateful for your presence in my life!” – RMF – Milwaukee, WI

  • Margo

    “My recent session with Lauren McLaughlin helped me to see my situation from a new perspective. Instead of feeling, there was nothing I could do, I realized I did have options. Now it’s up to me to decide what action I want to take. I also realized that one option was to change my reaction to the situation. The result for me was relief and the feeling that I do have some power and control regarding the situation I am experiencing. I’m grateful for Lauren’s unique coaching support. MM –Oldsmar, FL

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