A 1 hour personal coaching session with Lauren McLaughlin, by phone or online.

From time to time, everyone carries something around that feels heavy on their mind. Perhaps you are struggling with a financial decision, one regarding your health or the health of a loved one, a snag in a relationship or a career challenge and the details just keep going around and around in your thoughts – leading you exactly nowhere.

The best solution often is to talk the matter over with someone – a disinterested party (not uninterested) – who can guide you in listening to your own thoughts candidly until you are able to reach an acceptable conclusion.

Lauren McLaughlin offers emotional support coaching that provides a safe space for you to speak your truth on all sides of the matter, to name your fears and your deepest desires – to air any hurt feelings you may have – and to guide you toward your desired goal.

The process of sharing “What’s On Your Mind” is up to one hour long. Additional sessions may be booked if other challenges come to light in the process.

Coaching can be done in person but can also be done effectively via the INTERNET using the teaching vehicle called Zoom. (Instructions for using Zoom will be provided)

Instructions to Buy: Purchase your session, then fill out our contact form here and Lauren will respond to you via e-mail to set up an appointment for your hour-long Coaching Session called “What’s On Your Mind”.


This session was previously price at $45. It is now available on a love offering basis. You decide what price you want to pay for this product.

  • Margo

    “My recent session with Lauren McLaughlin helped me to see my situation from a new perspective. Instead of feeling, there was nothing I could do, I realized I did have options. Now it’s up to me to decide what action I want to take. I also realized that one option was to change my reaction to the situation. The result for me was relief and the feeling that I do have some power and control regarding the situation I am experiencing. I’m grateful for Lauren’s unique coaching support. MM –Oldsmar, FL

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