The Tiger’s Treasure is a charming fable, written by Spirit “through” metaphysician John McLaughlin. The story illustrates exactly how one’s mindset determines the outcome of any event in his or life. The story relates to the experiences of five well-intentioned men who share an identical event in five different ways because of their individual mindsets. Like these five travelers, we all control the outcome of our life’s events based on our individual mindsets – and – we have the option of changing our mindsets to affect a more desireable result. The story is charming and revealing and offers a valuable life lesson that will be hard to forget.

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The Tiger’s Treasure is a short fable that came directly from Spirit, through John McLaughlin. John is a Unity Minister, whose life purpose is to help us all be freed from the tyranny of our own thought.

Its consciousness-expanding message is both entertaining and enlightening. It offers a quick and easy read that packs a powerful punch of inspiration to the reader. 

Available in paperback or on Kindle at amazon.com

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