There was once an Aboriginal tribe of people who lived for centuries beside a mighty river. They worshiped the river, they admired it, and they feared it, but they never ventured too close to it and they certainly never went into it. If they had only tapped into the resources that mighty river had to offer, they would have enjoyed and benefited in ways they could never have imagined. The river would have provided food for their families, transportation, and power; not to mention adding a great deal of fun to their life experience. In the same way, we human beings live in the Presence of a metaphorical River of Power, consistently available to anyone, anytime, anywhere – FREE, but more often than not, we also fail to take advantage of it. Spiritual Tools are the fastest and most successful way to attain access to that mighty power. When utilized consistently, they can add increased prosperity, better health, more harmonious relationships, deeper Spirituality and a great deal more joy to our human experience. Spiritual tools are ours simply for the asking, whether we wish to use them to fix whatever isn’t working in our life now, or to create the desires of our heart in the future.

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  • AJ

    This truly is a book of spiritual tools. I read this book in one sitting and will read it several more times. This book came into my life at the exact moment that I needed to read these words. The way that Lauren explains things, combined with her own life experiences, really hit home. Each chapter provides specific “calls to action” to further explain how to make changes in life to be able to live our best life and be the very best versions of ourselves, just as Spirit intended for us. This book has reminded me of the power of positive affirmations. I have experienced the positive effects firsthand; however, the busyness and sometimes craziness of life tends to make us forget. Lauren’s book has reminded me of some things that I had forgotten. This book is a true blessing. It’s a book that I will cherish always. I highly recommend this book for everyone; whether you are going through a difficult time, want to make some big life changes or just simply want to have more fun in your life.

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