Everyone, at one time or another, experiences so much change at once that their brain seems to freeze in place.  And for a while, it seems easier to just sit still and let the world go on around you. But after a while – that doesn’t seem very satisfactory.

It is then that we all need a nudge – a little push to help us release what isn’t working and decide what’s next.

Emotional Support Counseling is all about listening to your own desires. It is having the freedom to express out loud, without fear of judgment or criticism, all the random thoughts that have gone in and out of your mind –  until you hear exactly what you are saying to yourself.  And once you hear – the good and the bad things with which you are wrestling – spoken in your own words – the true desires of your heart will reveal themselves.

From there on, with the help of a few healing tools and a few more planning tools, you can build your own future.

Many receive enough help in one session to create their own healing plan.  Others may want a bit more coaching – but Lauren McLaughlin has a minimum limit of three sessions.  If you sincerely want to build your new future – that much coaching will be more than enough.

You are never alone – the answers you are seeking are also seeking you.

All sessions are on Zoom for 45 minutes. Fill out our contact form here and Lauren will respond to you via e-mail to set up an appointment for your  coaching session.


This session was previously price at $45. It is now available on a love offering basis . You decide what price you want to pay for this product.


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