Step #2 – Cooperating With the Law of Attraction

Imagine an airplane full of passengers destined for Chicago.  The plane, fully loaded, leaves New York and flies non-stop to Chicago, and arrives in the airspace above the city.  As it circles the Chicago airport – it is in the “realm of probability” for unloading its passengers at the airport.   The plane is prepared to land, but what happens if the airport is closed that day?    The plane is where it is supposed to be but the Chicago airport isn’t ready to receive it.  The airline must then recall the plane to New York, because it cannot deliver its passengers.

Something very similar may be happening to you when you clearly ask the Universe for what you want, hold the thought of it in your mind consistently and anxiously await delivery.  The Universe sends it immediately into your “realm of probability” always. But if you are not open to receive what you are asking for, the Universe cannot deliver it.

Why wouldn’t I be open to receive something I asked for?

Because, often, even when you believe you are thinking about something you desire, you are actually thinking about the exact opposite of what you desire.” Step#2 will help you to attract more of your heart’s desires.

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