This online course, The Seven Sustained Steps to Total Self-Realization is presented by Lauren McLaughlin in a beautifully documented course available for online download.

The Seven Sustainable Steps that we will explore and practice as part of your journey to Spiritual Awakening – to your own Self Realization -, are designed to help you retrain your mind to point inward FIRST, instead of outward.  And like any retraining, any kind of rehabilitation, any kind of muscle building, they will take practice, practice, practice.

Overall, this can be the most exciting journey you have ever taken. On any given day, however, it may seem difficult, tedious, even painful, and like any other important achievement in your life, pushing through those trying, sometimes boring days is the only route to achieving your ultimate goal.

And only you can decide if you are ready to begin.

Instructions to Buy

This full course was previously price at $59.99. It is now available on a love offering basis. You decide what price you want to pay for this product.

Or – you can take the course one step at a time by purchasing steps 1-7 individually, also on a love offering basis. Transformation takes place in each individual according to the calling of his or her internal guidance, so you may study the segments in any order you choose.


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