These 12 Spirit Fed Affirmations are beautifully recited by Lauren and John McLaughlin in this short audio download. Listen 12 times a day and see your life transform!

Affirmations are a form of Affirmative Prayer. They are simple statements declaring a condition of choice as if it is already happening.  Simply put – An  Affirmation is a way of informing  your own mind of the way you want it to think – and to create.

Each statement, repeated gently but firmly and consistently out loud, fosters a new neural pathway in your brain, which then directs all future thoughts along that pathway. The power of affirmations to positively change a habit or a belief has been proven hundreds of thousands of times by at least that many people throughout the ages.  According to a popular website promoting the use of positive affirmations, “The easiest way to change and improve the quality of your life is to change or improve your perception of yourself. This can all be accomplished with powerful affirmations that can quiet negative thought patterns and discipline your mind.” 

12 x 12 x 12  – The 12 Affirmations on this recording, spoken 12 Times a Day for 12 Weeks – will be sufficient to provide positive changes in  your daily life experience. The first six Affirmations remind you of all  you knew about yourself when you were born. You knew your own power then, but have simply forgotten as your complex life unfolded.  The second six Affirmations remind you of all  you can accomplish when you remember who you really are.

Spoken aloud in both a male and a female voice, this recording contains three sets of 12 Affirmations each.  The voice speaks each Affirmation and then allows time for you to repeat it.  A set of three repetitions of 12 Affirmations each, makes up one quarter of the daily repetitions  you need to perform the 12 by 12 by 12.  We recommend that you listen to this recording first thing in the morning, again at noon, again at dusk and finally at bed time.  You will soon memorize the Affirmations and so you can also repeat them as a tool to go to sleep.

You may listen to this recording any time – it is informative but not hypnotic.  Repeating the Affirmations in times of high stress will also go a long way to relieving any and all anxiety.

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These 12 Spirit Fed Affirmations are beautifully recited by Lauren and John McLaughlin in this short audio download. Listen 12 times a day and see your life transform!

  • Sandy

    I have been using these Affirmations for years and saw my life transform! Once I stopped saying them, things went topsy turvy again. A lesson that we must never stop repeating them!

  • Signa E

    “I am right now saying these affirmations daily and I am already noticing changes in my life and in me. This is a wonderful process and I know it is changing my life.” Signa E

  • Andy

    “Your affirmations have focused my God consciousness and opened my spirit. This was quite a feat for someone who formerly believed that my life was negative and good things rarely happened to me. As you and I know. Boy was I wrong.” Andy – St. Petersburg, FL

  • Becky

    “I’ve been saying the affirmations daily. first thing when I get up and at night when I go to bed. I have received the most wonderful job with great benefits. My back yard has grass again, and I got a call yesterday from someone who might want to buy my villa.” Becky – Palm Harbor, FL

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