Meditation has the interesting dual benefit of both relaxing you as you are meditating and energizing you when you are finished.  Any time of day is the right time for meditation but early in the morning – before you start your daily activities – is an especially beneficial one

In this meditation, Spiritual Teacher Lauren McLaughlin leads you to a peaceful space in your mind in which you can talk easily with your Internal Guide – the part of you that was with you before you were born, is traveling with you through this life experience, and will be with you when you move on to the next phase of your eternal journey.

You may ask your guide any and every question you need to ask. Using this guided meditation regularly will help you to keep a better balance through each day and leave you knowing that you are never alone in making the vital decisions of your life unless you deliberately choose to be.

Please do not listen to this meditation when you are driving or if you are operating any kind of equipment.

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