Because of the importance of PROSPERITY in your life, you will probably want to place a PROSPERITY enhancement in your office, your bedroom, and your living room. This instant Feng Shui, PROSPERITY enhancement kit, includes three suitable objects chosen to draw your attention to the PROSPERITY CORNER of each room; and to  remind you, each time you see one of them, of all the PROSPERITY you have known throughout your lifetime, all the PROSPERITY you know now, and all the PROSPERITY you wish to draw into your life in the future.  A few seconds of gratitude for all of those things will come easily to you and will alert God that you would like to receive more of the same.

To identify the area of your office, bedroom, living room, or family room where the energy of PROSPERITY gathers, stand at the doorway (the entrance you use most) of the room you want to Feng Shui enhance. Let your eyes focus on the far wall in front of you and then move your eyes along that back wall to the left corner of the room… That is the PROSPERITY CORNER. Then, somewhere in the area of that corner, place a tangible object (or two) that represent PROSPERITY to you in that space.

The three items included in fun “Money Bag” are:

  1. A semi-precious stone of citrine on a tiny stand. Citrine is called the “success stone” because it brings success and prosperity to those who handle it… And it is also called the “Merchant’s Stone” and is often placed in cash registers to ensure increased prosperity.
  2. A small box of shredded money – real money that is no longer in circulation.
  3. A simulated $1,000,000 bill – a reminder that your PROSPERITY thoughts and prayers should be limitless in nature.  Place one of these symbolic items in the PROSPERITY corner of any room to remind you of how blessed with money you have been, are now, and always will be.

This product was previously price at $9.99. It is now available on a love offering basis (+shipping). You decide what price you want to pay for this product. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


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