FENG SHUI FOR LOVE  –  If you feel the love interests in your life need new energy – according to the laws of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui – you need to add energy and symbolism to the love corner of the spaces you enjoy most.

To identify the area of your office, bedroom, living room, or family room where the energy of LOVE gathers, stand at the doorway (the entrance you use most) of the room you want to Feng Shui enhance – let your eyes focus on the far wall in front of you and then move your eyes along that back wall to the right corner of the room .. That is the LOVE CORNER.  Then, somewhere in the area of that corner, place a tangible object (or two) that brings a vision of LOVE to that space.

This instant LOVE CORNER enhancement includes one handsome HEART-SHAPED tea light holder, and one electric tea light candle to draw added light and motion to the area. (You can substitute wax candles in these lovely holders if you prefer. To give this display even more visibility, you may want to substitute colored candles n gold, silver, pink, or red).

Whenever your eye then falls on this pretty decoration, take a few seconds to be grateful for all of the LOVE you have known in the past, all of the LOVE that you are experiencing now, and all the LOVE you would like to draw to you in the future.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

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