One of the great blessings of a Guided Meditation is that it can take you places that exist deep within your subconscious mind that you might never realize can be tapped into – in order to make vital changes in the way you live your life.  For example, practiced regularly, Meditation can help you to practice forgiveness – especially self-forgiveness – at a very lasting level so that you obtain amazing new platforms of freedom from which to move forward.

In this meditation,  Spiritual Teacher John McLaughlin, introduces you to your own “Book of Life” – a written record of all you have said and done in this lifetime – and affords you a tool with which to make changes.  This moving Spiritual exercise invites new and better intentions for the future and offers you many benefits – such as peace, hope, joy and a newfound freedom to make different choices in the future.

Please do not listen to this meditation when you are driving or if you are operating any kind of equipment.

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