A 30 minute online personal coaching session for anxiety relief with Lauren McLaughlin.

Anxiety is the one human condition that is entirely Universal – everyone feels anxiety at one time or another, some more regularly than others. Anxiety plagues very young children who develop fears early on caused by many different scary experiences. It is prevalent in senior communities as well as older people face infirmities of every possible sort –  physical, emotional, financial and social. And it affects every age group in between.

When we are overcome with anxiety, it makes it difficult to make rational decisions.  Blessedly, there is a simple tool, which once learned, can be performed by anyone at any time, anywhere and when used, literally taps down that level of high anxiety enough to allow us to make sensible, informed decisions.

EFT –or Emotional Freedom Technique is perhaps best described as Acupuncture without needles. It simply involves tapping with three fingers on either or both hands, in a particular rhythm on specific points of your body to release the tension you feel when you are anxious.

The particular form of EFT, taught by Advanced EFT Practitioner Lauren McLaughlin, she calls “In Your Face EFT” for two reasons. It provides instant relief of tension caused by whatever challenge is literally “in-your-face” at any given moment  – and –  it involves tapping only on the meridian points located in your face and the the upper  half of your body

Once you learn how to use EFT to relieve your own anxiety, you can pass on your knowledge to anyone you love and care about so that they too can live their lives more comfortably in the future.

The coaching session is 30 minutes long.  Coaching can be done in person but can also be done effectively via the INTERNET using the group teaching vehicle called Zoom. (Instructions for using Zoom will be provided.)

Instructions to Buy: Purchase your session, then fill out our contact form here and Lauren will respond to you via e-mail to set up an appointment for your half hour EFT Coaching session for Anxiety Relief.


This session was previously price at $35. It is now available on a love offering basis. You decide what price you want to pay for this product.

  • Sandy

    Lauren has really helped me thru my anxiety by teaching me how to use EFT as needed when anxiety strikes! Thank you Lauren!

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