4” x 6” Affirmation Postcards in a package of 10.

The 12 x 12 x 12 Awakening Affirmation program is available free to anyone, anytime, anywhere – and these affirmations are life-changing. When repeated 12 times a day for 12 weeks, a palpable difference occurs in the way you feel about who you are and what you can be.  These Affirmation cards make it easy to repeat and memorize these life-changing Affirmations. Place a card by your bed, in your car, on your desk, on your dining table, wherever you watch television and in your pocket, purse or briefcase so that you always have them with you.  And you will also enjoy sharing them with the people you love most as well. You can even mail them to your out of town friends – just turn the card over and address the blank side.


This product previously sold for $7.99. It is now available on a love offering basis (+shipping and handling). You decide what price you want to pay for this product.


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